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With a much more storied history, Quicksaved used to be called ReplayWire, which used to be called PixelBay. Leading the charge on the content front is Gabriel and Christian Anderson.

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Whoa! Anime

Founded in 2020, Anime Quarterly is run by Gabriel while Matthew Lundeen certainly helps with content generation. Since 2021, it has rebranded into Whoa! Anime.

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The Gander

Gander = Male goose. More appropriately, though, it also means to “look or glance at something.” That’s the mantra of The Gander. From news to editorials to reviews, it’s all there or will be!

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FOV Magazine

Where field of view means everything. FOV Magazine aims to be your go-to source for all things gaming in both a digital and print (quarterly) fashion.

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AOV Magazine

Where angle of view means everything. Started as the film/TV sister publication of FOV Magazine, AOV Magazine holds true to what FOV believes in except opting for a more digital-centered fashion.

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Gabriel Stanford-Reisinger


Matthew Lundeen

Anime Lead